A Case Report and Review of a Young Adult with Non-Verbal Low-Functioning Autism

  • Chong Lee WONG MSc (ECE), MEd (SpEd), FRSAS, Certified Educational Therapist, Twinkle Intervention Centre, Singapore.
Keywords: Autism, Functionality, Skills.


This case report concerns a case of a young man GO, in his early twenties, who was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder (AD) when he was a preschooler. It sets out to look at the numerous therapies GO had undergone in the past, ranging from evidence-based therapies such as speech-language therapy and occupational therapy to unproven complementary and alternative therapies such as hyerbaric oxygen therapy and non-invasive chelation therapy. At the point of this writing, GO is learning life skills at a daycare center for young adults with autism. His parents have requested for a diagnostic evaluation of GO’s condition to ascertain his latest status in terms of his capability so as to better understand his current level of functionality. With the information, they want to work on the next course of action as their child enters into the mid-twenties phase of adulthood, hoping that he will be gainfully employed and thus to lead a functionally independent and meaningful life.


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WONG, C. L. (2019). A Case Report and Review of a Young Adult with Non-Verbal Low-Functioning Autism. International Journal of Educational Studies, 2(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.53935/2641-533x.v2i1.21