COVID-19: It’s Impact on Job Security and Employees Attrition of Selected Aviation Companies in Lagos State


  • Lateef A ADIO Department of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria.



Attrition, Aviation, Covid-19, Employees, job security, Lagos State.


The global widespread of Covid-19 disease has led to an unparalleled unemployment disaster cum employees’ market surprises and it is anticipated to bring in distinct systemic substitute and prolonged problems for global works. This study tries to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on job security and employees’ attrition of selected aviation companies in Lagos State. A cross-sectional design and simple random sampling technique were employed. A questionnaire was employed as the research instrument for the study with 269 respondents adjudged usable. Multiple regression and correlation analyses were employed to determine the hypotheses of the study. The hypotheses result showed that job security (r = 0.450, p < 0.05), employees’ attrition (r = 0.275, p < 0.05) and lay off and unemployment (F = 33.237; p =0.000) were significantly impacted by Covid-19. The study recommends that National governments and various bodies such as World Health Organizations (WHO) to introduce policies and guidelines that will cushion the impacts of Covid-19 on employees’ job security,’ attrition and lay off and unemployment in terms of taxes reductions, improved safety measures, contingencies approaches, reductions of levies on licenses, public awareness, relaxation of aviation laws in terms pilots renewal licenses, reduction of airline fuel price, reduction of parking lots of the aircrafts, supporting the airlines with funds and adequate incentives would curb employees attrition, job security and employment and would allow the aviation sector to rise again as in the past before the final solution to eradicate the pandemic.


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ADIO, L. A. (2022). COVID-19: It’s Impact on Job Security and Employees Attrition of Selected Aviation Companies in Lagos State. Research in Social Sciences, 5(1), 1–9.