A Case Review of an 8-Year-Old Boy with Autistic Syndromic Complex Disorder

  • Sharon Jieren Wong Twinkle Intervention Center, Singapore
  • Guohui Xie Disability & Disorder Diagnostic Clinic (DDDC), KL, Malaysia
Keywords: Autistic Disorder, Cross-battery assessment, Hyperlexia, Pleiotropy.


This is a case review of an 8+ year-old boy diagnosed with autistic disorder when he was 3 years old. The aim of this paper is to re-examine the case to find out if there were any other comorbid conditions besides the autism that the boy had been diagnosed. In order to do it, the authors used the diagnostic model based on the hierarchy of the six building blocks of skills and abilities (Chia, 2008; 2012). This is a cross-battery assessment involving several standardized tests and checklists to be carried out. The results provide a new perspective that helps educational therapists and early interventionists to better understand and also to re-consider their treatment approach in helping the child with syndromic complex condition of autistic disorder to cope with his current learning and behavioral challenges.

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